Since winning the MoBo award the rapper turned singer Stormzy has recently released his single Stormzy blinded by your grace from the album Gang signs and prayers

His success stemmed from his music which came out in 2014 which was titled not that deep and then in 2015 he further released some more music titled ‘know me’ from which brought him from the background into the mainstream music scene. His audience can easily be seen in the latest music video from the rapper, where it features a wide range of age groups. Old to young and certainly a mix of cultures, which has led to an increase in his schedules and tours. This year he then releases an album titled gang signs and prayer which presented the general public with 16 tracks which also contained the song by Stormzy blinded by your grace, which has sought him some fame in the gospel scene.


GOA Talent Network decided to have a listen and review the video, but before we did that, we had a look at the list of songs also within the album. First the slow trap beat and emotional melodies are keen to capture the mood of the audience, which goes to prove that he is very intentional with this album release.

There are more pleasant surprises with more R&B tunes, with female lead vocalists and stormzy showing off his silky vocals, which we are used to having him rap. But he wasn’t ashamed to get into the singing, as he shows off what he can do with the notes in Stormzy blinded by your grace. Not only can this dude rap and talk about being gangstar, but he documents his life needs fixing by his lord.

Yes, we do understand that he never mentions who exactly is his lord, but somehow the general opinion is that he is Christian. He features Mnek on the track and has performed the song to quite a number of audiences including the BBC, but one thing remains, he looks a changed man with his approach to this song. This ia a huge contrast to the typical hard exterior and grime scene artist we all are used to. We can only pray that he keeps up with the good boy image and follow through with his heartfelt music. On the flip side, he has recently been seen in the ring with his friend and boxer Anthony Joshua where he rapped to introduce Anthony into the ring in December 2015.


This for us was the first time we got to know him away from his typical fans in the grime scene. As a gospel talent promotion agency, we could hardly call him a gospel singer, and we would certainly keep tabs on him to see if he lives up to the expectations of being a good boy, and being Christian. If that’s the path he has chosen.


When we look at the influence Anthony Joshua has on the British public, he has won their hearts by being humble and approaching fame with both arms. Keeping out of trouble and certainly being selective on how the media views him. For every time he has been asked about his past, he has been wise enough to keep his past behind him, and have them focus on the positives. This in itself must have taken Joshua a lot of prep, to get past the tricky questions they would always ask. If Stormzy wishes to ride this wave of luck or the good boy train he must learn from his friend and follow through with his single Stormzy blinded your grace. This in turn would mean increased bookings for him, and a moral upgrade with his audience who look up to him earnestly.

He has been in a few twitter wars, and he just needs to learn to keep his fingers off the screen and keypad altogether. Get a PR manager who would manage his social media accounts to ensure his good boy image is consistent, else he looses the new found fans he has acquired by releasing this song.  Or better still he can hire us at GOA Talent network for social media account management as we do for gospel artists around the world for gospel music promotion or any business that needs online reputation managament lol

Stormzy can’t exactly be said to be in the gospel scene, but we are sure his mum would be proud of his latest single as it probably reflects what she would wish her son would sing or rap about. As the lyrics of the song emphasizes


‘I am Abigails Son’


We can only hope this will be the beginning or at least a continuation of his walk with Christ, if that’s the God he references in his video. You should check out the video review Stormzy – Blinded by your Grace Featuring Mnek


On the flip side as we review this song, we also promised as an organisation to promote upcoming gospel artist as we always do on the review show, so we decided to review Ani d blessed, latest single titled Bounce. We loved the hype feel and the quality of the song. It included some amazing vocals and lyrics from him. Professing his love for God and being a covenant child. Ani d blessed a Nigerian Based artist is certainly an artist to keep your eyes out for. He can be found on all social media platforms and his single can be downloaded from not just ok.


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