Goa Talent of the week ending 12th February presents Grevotek meaning Grace Revolution Technology. I’n his words

“I started designing as a hobby in 2013 without a laptop. Started designing for my fellowship and in 2015 with a friends laptop I saw an idea of providing services bigger than I should so I bought into it. In January 2016. Grevotek came into life. So many people ask me what’s Grevotek and why? Grevotek (also Grevotech) means GRACE REVOLUTION TECHNOLOGY. I experienced God’s overwhelming Grace and then the idea came. It haven’t been an easy based on we have so many competitors”.

So he decided to try a new approach and went for Simple and easy but creative kind of designs. So He went online, made research, had sleepless nights and day but today Grevotek has an office of its own and it’s fully Registered. If God can make him do it then you also can do anything with him. Are you christian and talented, then register at www.goatalentnetwork.com to stand a chance of having your talent promoted too!

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