the gratitude coza review

The Gratitude Coza review certainly isnt news to your ears, ‘The Gratitude’ a group formed by Pastor Fatoyinbo of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly COZA have released their first album.

This was released on the 13th of Oct 2017, and is available via all your typical estores for download. GOA talent network from the UK, put together a befitting review to discuss our thoughts on the song titled rababa eh. From the amazing comments on the artwork from the album, which included some 3d artwork and monuments from around the world.

Perhaps giving a clue to their tour and the intended cities they intend to visit. The excellence in the video certainly the excellence you would expect from Coza, as a church. From the way their ushers dress, to the way array of expensive clothing the pastor is seen to always wear, we could expect nothing less from a group birthed by him.

Yetti Tabai the host of the show, also made comments on the similarities between the group and Destiny’s child, whilst she uttered prayers, hoping they dont end up going their seperate ways just like Destiny’s Child.

Comments from the Gratitude Coza review also included the budget spent on the video, from the amazing clothing the group were adorned with, the animation, and the council of elders who were shown in the video, which lacked a key ingredient the pastor himself!

A lot can be said about the group and the amazing vocals on the track, you need to click on the video below to watch the full review.

The host Yetti Tabai ended the Gratitude coza review by comments on what she loved about the voices, the lead singer who drove the high notes in Igbo language, which saw the gratitude coza reviews reach new audiences. The inclusion of yoruba, english and igbo speakers, makes the song one that will trend and set the pace for the gospel music industry. Especially for any new gospel group that wishes to hit the stage within Nigeria or internationally. So far there are no groups which compare to the gratitude coza, which makes the gratitude coza review one that had to be done in realtime. The host expressed her joy at the quality of production and the end of the song, which featured some fireworks and speaking in tongues.

The Gratitude Coza Review – was well balanced, with prayers for the group and expectations for the new year 2018.

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