Hef-zibah Ilondior, Hef-zibah started playing the guitar in 2005 while still in school and before it was common for ladies to be playing the guitar and there was even no Asa to inspire her. She said she got her inspiration to play the from Nichole Mullen. The journey for her was not easy. She was first spotted in 2005 where she won a gospel musical competition tagged “Beyond Music talent Hunt”. This earned her a spot on Dan Foster’s praise Jam in December 2005. She was advised to stay and ride on the wave of her winnings but she chose to go for her NYSC in 2006 which landed her in Kebbi State. She used the seeming set back to write a song on Nigeria. A song about the beauty and diversity of Nigeria. She also shot a mini-video of her song Itoro. Which is still making waves on YouTube.

Coming back from NYSC in 2007 she seemed to be behind as there were many others who now were on stage on the gospel music scene but like her song KEEP MOVING, she never gave up. She tried soliciting for sponsorship but there was none. They advised her that since she came out of school with a second class upper (2/1) that she should get a job. She told her family, I will get a job and sponsor my music. In June 2007 God heard her prayers and she got 3 bank offers. She chose one and became what she calls. Clark Kent. She would dress up in suits to go to work during the week and on weekends, wear her leather jacket and strap her guitar. The dual identity was killing her and after saving some funds she felt it was time to make a run for it and trust God. In 2009 November she resigned.

2010 she did a tour of her album LET GO in West Africa and Nigeria. Her Nigeria song was making lots of waves since it was the Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary) of Nigeria. She was invited to the world tourism day in Abuja. In 2011 she went back to school for her Masters In Environmental Pollution Management in University of Lagos. Where she was a teaching assistant and was asked to stay for her PhD. But Music was still on her mind. In 2012 she came out with a 14 track album TRUE LOVE one of which she did with Frank Edwards (Omema). In 2013 she commenced a TRUE LOVE tour organizing concerts for orphans and less privileged children in different cities. In 2013 she did 2 concerts in Lagos in February, 1 in Abuja in May, 1 in Accra Ghana in September.

This year she is preparing for her PASSION TUNES release in June and these are just a few songs from the collections. Christian talents winning globally, we celebrate the Christ in her, who strengthens her to be exceptional. Christian and talented? contact www.goatalentnetwork.com to get a chance to have your talent promoted.

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