GOA Talent Network is the international leader in Talent and Media management services in the UK. We specialise in:

  • Talent Promotion
  • Content Creation
  • Audience Retention
  • Audience Retargeting

GOA TN is an exciting premiere online/television channel, broadcasting a supreme selection of the best UK and international Talents, lifestyle, music, youth shows, children’s entertainment, documentaries, movies and much more.


The primary aim of GOA TN is to bring inspirational content about talents around the world, that would otherwise not be celebrated by mainstream media for their amazing work. It also aims to facilitate and shape a well-rounded and balanced viewpoint on entertainment and lifestyle, that leaves the viewer better equipped with knowledge. With a line-up of exciting, up-to-date, wholesome and inspirational entertainment. GOA TN is redefining mainstream television. Leading the way into a new exciting era of truly inspirational content and talent promotion services within Media to the rest of the world.

We promote talents and promote them across the 7 disciplines listed below:

Arms of GOA

  1. GOA Care – (Orphanage, Elderly homes, Widow care, less abled)
  2. GOA Missions – (Music,Drama, theatre, Poetry, Mobile apps, Education)
  3. GOA Legal – (Disability bill, Domestic violence, Legal Aid)
  4. GOA Relationships – (Married, Singles, Business relationships)
  5. GOA Wealth Management – (Pensions, Investments, Entrepreneurship)
  6. GOA Health – (Health, Lifestyle, Wellness, Sport and Fitness)
  7. GOA Kitchen – (TV, Education, Food banks)

If your talent falls within the categories mentioned above or outside of it, we can certainly promote it. We are a ‘GLOCAL’ company, Promoting local talents globally.

Amazing company that gives talented people the opportunity to prove their skill on a global media platform.

Vezi Edwards

GOA talent network is such an amazing organisation that is bent on showcasing talented folks to the world. Love you guys. Keep it up #Godblessyou

Adebukola Bakare Ojeaga

Cool network!!!!! Thank God u came out @ this time to bring out gospel artistes for them to spread Jesus in music for the whole wide world to see. God bless u "GOA Talent network"

Adaobi Ada Lawrence Ifebigh

We aim to bring you intriguing content and promote more Unique Talents Globally, Donate/Partner with us today.